Are these conversations familiar?

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“You never listen to me!”
"That's not what I said!"
"Sure, but that's what you meant to say."

How do these make you feel?

  • Rejected
  • Misunderstood
  • Angry
  • Sad

These feelings can be a result of or result in conflict. Communication breakdown is a common problem and there is an answer. You can develop and model communication skills that both help you hear what others have to say and help others hear what you have to say. 

Effective communication is a practice and when it is done well the results can be significant—you better understand others and you are better understood. While there is no guarantee, the more clearly you communicate, the better the chance you will be heard.

Whether you are an individual, couple, or more than couple, I can help you gain and hone the communication skills that will help you succeed in all relationships.

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